Mountain Bike vs Road Bike

Buying a bike is not an easy task! Especially you have to choose between a mountain bike and road bike. Both bikes have own specialization that amazes a biker. Also, it is hard to know which bike is perfect for you and fit according to your height and weight.

You can deal with this difficulty, have a quick comparison between road and mountain bikes through a block and make a perfect choice for you.

Mountain Bikes

This bike is durable and made for the narrow dirt and trails. The bike has a wide and flat handlebar for controlling the bike in the wide and disc with brakes help to handle in the steep climbs and allow the rider to control the bike.


  • Strong frames area unit designed to keep the bicycle under control.
  • The frame helps traction for steep on loose climbs.
  • Small,  wheels take the hits on rocks or potholes.
  • Suspension – additional management as a result of tires stay to turn.
  • Elegant comfort – frame takes the hits and allow to hurt your body
  • Wide bent gives control and traction in loose dirt or mud.


  • Heavier than hybrid or road bikes, that means more tough rising.
  • Smaller 26″ wheels have additional “rolling” resistance.
  • The suspension takes some potency from the pedal stroke.
  • Slower and needs additional effort on roads/paths.

Mountain Bike Vs Road Bike

Mountain bikes are built for off-road cycling in rough environments. However, this biking became a sport in the 1970s and has since then diversified into cross-country riding became an Olympic sport in 1996. Less popular as difficult to film and television and is the only mountain biking event at the Summer Olympics.

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Mountain bicycles are thick areas like mud, snow, and rock. These bicycles are manufactured exclusively with sharp, thick tires and solid wheels that resist damage from impact. Edges are produced using aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, and titanium, and serve to take a great measure of discipline.

Mountain Bike Vs Road Bike

The suspension framework enables the wheels to swallow vibration and impact from a rigid notch. As a rule, the off-road bicycles illuminate the level handlebar, keeping the rider in an upright position for parity and control. As they are primarily designed for riding on rough terrain, they will suffer more harm than benefit from riding on simple roads. So if they take this stuff seriously then they should only buy a mountain bike.

Price range :

The original hardtail for light trail use can be as low as $ 400, while the top-notch and endo-style models cost $ 10,000, with a carbon fiber frame and wheels and a modern suspension.

Road Bikes

Some people call it a racing bike. The road is designed for bike speed, with narrow tires for rolling on fast and far paved surfaces. Disc-brake versions are becoming increasingly common. Many brands have female-specific models, with different touchpoints (saddle, handlebars, and sometimes crank work lengths) for women’s anatomy and sometimes women’s specific frame geometry. The bike is also a standard version for men who ride bikes on city roads.


  • Light and agile, these bikes are design for speed and comfort.
  • “Over the handlebar” posture transfers the foremost power.
  • Riding position permits most leg power & cuts through the air.
  • Components have tight tolerances and high polish.
  • Light, tall wheels tires cut back friction.


  • Can’t take the control like in mountain bikes.
  • Gear varies is high thus slow speed riding is tough for user.
  • Riding posture may be painful on neck & wrists.

Mountain Bike Vs Road Bike

Road bikes are originally on concrete road surfaces, mainly only as conveyance. But in metropolitical cities, these bikes are great to deliver the package or service due to easily move from difficult place and easy to handle if we compare this to a motorbike with is take time to deliver only if you are stuck in traffic.

There is nothing like hitting off-road with a mountain bike, no matter how inauspicious the climate. In any case, the dirt and roughness on your blocks can be completely hard, and before we spend all the time cleaning.

Mountain Bike Vs Road Bike

Fortunately, most roads have a sufficient friendliness with regard to bicycle support – your parts will be higher, and you will invest them with less cleanliness. This means sparing time and cash, which can lead you to amazing excursions with your great old bicycle.

Price range: Road bikes start at $ 800, with an aluminum frame, 18-speed drivetrains, and traditional rim brakes. Super high-end models run well north of $ 15,000 with exotic materials, 22-speed electronic drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and ultra-low weight.


Mountain bikes are best for rough and adventure-filled riding in places like mountain, dirt, snow and many more. They could additionally be fitness for endurance and muscle building. Whereas road bikes are better for speed riding and trailing on such roads which are smooth and suitable for bike riding. They also are for better cardio and overall body workout. And MTB vs Road Bike is still a great competition between them.

It’s your choice depending on what is your purpose of riding. Additionally, you could opt for any other sort of bikes besides these two also, such as Crossover bike or a hybrid bike. The choices are unlimited and what’s most suitable for you.

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